The Christian Fight and Politics: Above the Fray

The Christian Fight and Politics

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Above the Fray

Have you talked to folks about the crisis our nation is in and been told, “We don’t get involved in politics?”  I hear this from church folks, family and acquaintances. This statement seems to mean that the speaker is above the fray and innocent of any consequences.

Finally, I asked myself, what is politics?  As I thought about all the issues that are called political, such as abortion, mutilating children, our God given freedoms, our culture, integrity, truth, and respect, I realized that politics is the battleground between good and evil. 

If I’m not mistaken, this is the charge to the church: to teach and proclaim Jesus and His commands to the world and make disciples.  This is the battlefield where disciples turn the world upside down.  The muddy business of politics is where we shine the light of the Kingdom so that folks know who the true ruler is, who the truth is and where true liberty comes from.

This is the field that sent the apostles and Christians for 2,000 years to prison, executions, and demonization.  But they brought a few billion people to the Lord and changed the world.

This is not just a Christian fight.  It is an American fight.  All the values and freedoms that you treasure are being ripped away from you.  Your right to own property and be king of your castle; your right to consider the money you work for as yours is looked at as a privilege or greed.  Everything you cherish is on the chopping block.  If you want a life like the Uyghurs in China, do nothing.  If you want to keep your unique rights and self-rule, YOU HAVE TO GET INVOLVED.  Stop being dismissive of those setting their lives aside to save you and our way of life and join the fight.