Election Integrity

*(Please note this page is a work in progress, it will be updated regularly)

How bad is the Michigan Qualified Voter File?

The Qualified Voter File (QVF) is a distributed database which ties Michigan’s 1,520 cities and townships to a statewide voter registration file maintained in Lansing. The QVF contains over 8.2 million voter registration records.

Glenn Wilson has provided an interactive map at True the Vote.  Click on each of the dropdown arrows in the map to watch the "questionable" voters paint on the Michigan map.  You can zoom in to see how your individual municipality's QVF is suspect for questionable voting records.

As an example of wild anomalies that this map shows:

  • Over 20,000 voters registered before they were born
  • Active voters born before the Civil War
  • Scores of precincts with too many voters

and much more.

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