Election Integrity

Michigan Secretary of State Lawsuits

Michigan SOS Jocelyn Benson has lost 6 lawsuits covering dozens of ways she violated our election lawsFinally, the RNC has filed another based on the obvious bloating of our voter rolls via the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) contract.  As reported by WZZM, the RNC suit says she now has excessive registered voters in 50+ counties than citizens of age to vote in them as shown in this chart.  The chart below of the SOS Qualified Voter File data shows how fast even the active voter registrations exceeded the Current Voting Age Population (CVAP); CheckMyVote.org website helps us and clerks to find who the bogus voter names are.  Please use it to check your voting records for accuracy; also, please check your family, friends, and neighbors’ records as well.  You can also sign up to volunteer on CheckMyVote.org or or with the Kent County Republican Party here.  CheckMyVoteLikewise for election “season” issues, you can go to accessKent.com or your local clerk’s office to apply to be a paid Election Inspector (poll worker) to process voters and their ballotsClerks are required to staff the polls with an equal number of Republican and Democrat paid Election Inspectors. 

How bad is the Michigan Qualified Voter File?

The Qualified Voter File (QVF) is a distributed database which ties Michigan’s 1,520 cities and townships to a statewide voter registration file maintained in Lansing. The QVF contains over 8.2 million voter registration records.

Glenn Wilson has provided an interactive map here.  Click on each of the dropdown arrows in the map to watch the "questionable" voters paint on the Michigan map.  You can zoom in to see how your individual municipality's QVF is suspect for questionable voting records.

As an example of wild anomalies that this map shows:

  • Over 20,000 voters registered before they were born
  • Active voters born before the Civil War
  • Scores of precincts with too many voters

and much more.

What you can do?

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