Our Vision

The Kent County Republican Party is made up of moms, dads, grandparents, business owners, elected officials, and concerned citizens desiring to return to the God-honoring, Constitutional conservative, and freedom-loving values upon which this country and the Republican party was founded.

The National Republican platform outlines the principled framework upon which to build our 2-year vision:

  • Individual liberty 
  • Right to Work
  • Free speech
  • Right to privacy and free from surveillance
  • Religious liberty and right to conscience
  • Secure borders
  • Sanctity of life
  • Election Integrity
  • Sanctity of marriage and family
  • Low taxes and fiscal responsibility
  • 2nd amendment right
  • Protection of the electoral college
  • Educational freedom
  • Limited government

Thus, we commit to:

  • Restore trust and commit to the Republican platform
  • Build and grow a strong, agile and responsive party
  • Recognize these perilous times and respond courageously
  • Defend our God-given personal and religious freedom
  • Be strong and faithful for our children
  • Deliver electoral victories in 2024