2023 Elections

Did you know that in parts of Kent County, there were two elections in 2023? 

Get the details about the August 8, 2023 election here

Get the details about the November 7, 2023 election here

Are you interested in running for local office?

We are looking for great candidates to defend freedom, strong families, represent Kent County voters and uphold the values of the Republican Party. If you are considering a run for local office, here are few steps you should take right now.

First, sign up for our newsletter. Through our newsletter we will keep you updated about our upcoming activism/voter contact trainings and candidate workshops. You may also email us with any specific questions.

Second, be certain you are aware of all filing requirements, deadlines and campaign finance requirements. The Kent County Elections page is a good resource for that information.

Third, visit The Leadership Institute and take their free and low-cost online candidate schools to learn the basics of running an effective campaign.

Are you interested in helping protect the security of the next election?

Get involved as an election worker!

Election Inspectors

Election Inspectors are paid election workers hired by the local clerks to work in a precinct or absentee voter count board.  To start the process, you must fill out an election inspector application in your own handwriting and take it to your local clerk.  You must take training from your local clerk and be hired by the clerk.  We can help you through the process and get you connected with some online training as well.

Poll Challengers

Poll Challengers are credentialed by a major political party or non-profit organization, and provide important oversight of the conduct of election workers. You must be trained and have credentials to be a Poll Challenger. We can help you connect you with this process as the election approaches.