Voice for the badge!

We are honored to announce we are hosting a rally to show our support for law enforcement. The Protect the Badge Rally is meant to let officers and deputies know they don’t stand alone and show the public we are not alone in supporting them as well. The outrageous calls to defund our police need to be strongly opposed.

While protesters swear at them, threaten them, and insult them, officers stand and protect their right to do so. And while some of the protesters turn into rioters and burn and loot cities, these officers are the ones attempting to protect the public.
These are the same first responders who ran into burning buildings on 9-11. The same uniforms that we desperately call when a child is missing. These are the badges we ask to deal with the evil within our society. But they are not just responders, and badges, and uniforms. They are men and women, our friends & neighbors and people we sit next to in church.

There are discussions to be had regarding police reform. “But the politicians are responsible for what police do with the law’s that are created, as police are required enforce them.” Norton, Said.
2020 has revealed many things. Not the least of which is how politicians, such as our Governor, showing their willingness to use our trusted law enforcement agencies to further their personal ideological agendas. Right here in Michigan, we saw six state troopers used to stop and old man from cutting hair. But looters and rioters are allowed to run amuck. Seattle, New York, Minneapolis. Do you really believe these officers want to arrest people for attending church or cutting hair? Do you really believe they want to stand aside while businesses burn?

These are not the decisions of law enforcement; they are the decisions of the politicians who run these communities. Police are meant to protect and serve the public. Step one of any reform is to ensure that police do serve their communities, and not Democrats, or Republicans, or political agendas.

Defunding Police departments will not make us safer. Giving them back to their communities will. I stand with law enforcement, because without them, people die. Children get exploited. Wives get beat. Women get raped. And cities burn. And no, that is not an exaggeration. I wish to God it was and so do the police.

While recognizing the problems in modern policing, let us not overlook everything they get right. Crime is dropping. Your children are safer than you were. Your children are safer than even your parents were. That is not by accident. If you want your grandkids to be even safer still, PROTECT THE BADGE!

Join us June 29, 2020 3-6PM at Calder Plaza. PROTECT YOUR FAMILIES! PROTECT THE BADGE!

For more information, please see Norton for Congress' Facebook event page here

June 29, 2020 at 3:00pm - 7pm
Calder Plaza 300 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Norton for Congress · · 616-258-6305