The Anti-Slavery Republican Party celebrates Black History Month

Feb 28, 2023

On this final day of Black History Month, we would like to take a moment to commemorate a few key moments in United States History:

In 1865 the 13th amendment, which ended the dark days of legal slavery in America, passed with 100% Republican support and only 23% Democrat support.

In 1866 the 14th amendment overturning Dred Scott and granting full citizenship and equal rights under the law to black Americans, passed with exclusive Republican support and zero Democrat support.

The Civil Rights Act of 1866, guaranteeing the rights of black Americans to make contracts and receive equal protection under the law irrespective of the color of their skin, was passed by Republicans and vetoed by Democrat President Andrew Johnson. Johnson was quoted as saying, “This is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President, it shall be a government of white men.” Thankfully, Republicans overrode Johnson’s veto.

The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, known as the Force Act, empowered federal officials to crack down on the terrorist activities of the KKK, ultimately leading to its dismantling during that period. This Act was passed by Republicans and signed by Republican Ulysses S. Grant.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 guaranteed black Americans, women, and other minorities the right not to be discriminated against in jobs and government contracts. It passed in the House of Representatives with 63 percent of Democrats and 80 percent of Republicans, and in the Senate with 69 percent of Democrats and 94 percent of Republicans.

During the New Deal era, Democrats sought political victories via the bondage of government handouts. Their scheme worked, as black Americans began steadily switching their vote from the Republican Party to the Democrat Party. Democrats quickly learned they could continue to exploit and exclude black Americans from society while retaining their vote during election years.

Today, Democrats overwhelmingly support the legalized killing of unborn black babies and the placement of abortion facilities in minority neighborhoods. Nearly 40 percent of all abortions are black infants, three times their representation in the population.

As demonstrated through the decades, the Republican Party stands for LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS for all Americans.