Kent County GOP Statement in support of AX MI TAX Citizen's Initiative

WHEREAS; AXE MI TAX is organizing a ballot proposal for the November 2024 election to eliminate the State and local government’s ability to tax real and personal property including both homestead and non-homestead properties, and

WHEREAS; This ballot proposal seeks to provide protection for Michigan homeowners, landlords, farmers, and businesses, and

WHEREAS; Property Taxes increasing year after year, negatively impact these property owners, and property values are impacted by influences out of the owner’s control and

WHEREAS; No homeowner, landlord, farmer, or business owner should live in fear of losing their home or business, and

WHEREAS; the State of Michigan Dept of Treasury, Community Services Division reports that approximately 185,000 (pre-Covid influx of cash) privately owned properties enter into a Property Tax Forfeiture Status each year and once TEMPORARY government programs end, that number will rise, and

WHEREAS; Housing could become more affordable, more attainable, and would no longer be subject to property tax foreclosure and seizure, and

WHEREAS; Rent could be more affordable, and negate spending billions on creating “affordable housing”

WHEREAS; Michigan’s farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and service providers could be more competitive when selling products locally and nationally,

WHEREAS; The cost of goods and services would become more affordable, from food to daycare, to products manufactured and grown in Michigan, and

WHEREAS: ALL businesses in Michigan will no longer be burdened by heavy property tax liabilities preventing them from expanding and hiring, and

WHEREAS; Out of state businesses will no longer need to be paid or incentivized to come to Michigan, and

WHEREAS; The State of Michigan will benefit from an economic boon, with businesses AND PEOPLE moving into Michigan, WHEN THE PEOPLE PROSPER, THE STATE WILL PROSPER! and

WHEREAS; This initiative will prompt the reallocation of EXISTING state funds. A portion of annual tax revenue including sales tax, state income tax, alcohol tax, marijuana tax and tobacco tax will be paid to cities, townships, and counties through the existing “revenue sharing” program to increase funding to Local Communities for essential services, and

WHEREAS; Adoption of this ballot proposal will immediately stop all seizures and property tax foreclosures in progress and future, and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; The Kent County Republican Party Executive Committee is greatly concerned over the number of Property Tax Forfeiture cases processed by the State of Michigan and local governments, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; The Kent County Republican Party Executive Committee supports the AXE MI TAX citizens ballot initiative to eliminate the State and local government’s ability to tax real and personal property, and

LET IT ALSO BE KNOWN; that copies of this resolution will be transmitted electronically to each of the Republican GOP Chairs in each of the 83 counties in Michigan



Kent County Republican Party

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