Rep. Scholten Looking More Like a Democrat from New York, California than West Michigan

Apr 11, 2023

Rep. Scholten Looking More Like a Democrat from New York, California than West Michigan

by AnneMarie Schieber


Rep. Hillary Scholten continues her radical streak in Washington, this time taking aim at American businesses, seeking to punish them for the human trafficking crisis she and her fellow Democrats helped create.

Scholten, along with anti-Trump Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), has introduced “bipartisan emergency legislation to address the devastating issue of child labor in West Michigan and across the country.”

Huh? Scholten seems to be motivated by an article she read in the New York Times on February 25, and must somehow be confused with the child labor horrors of Dickens’ time. As is so typical of the kind of “investigative” reporting by the Times, this article makes  much about  so little. It profiles two teens, aged 14 and 15, one of whom now lives in Grand Rapids. The girl arrived recently in the U.S. from Guatemala “on her own” to “live with a relative she never met.” But never mind that small detail, the intended “red flag" here is that she's working at a food processing company trying to earn money

The Democrats are apparently outraged because the girl, aged 15, should be protected by child labor laws. How hilariously ironic, considering their support and legislation for allowing 12-year-old children to get abortions and radical gender treatments without their parent’s permission or knowledge. 

The Times gives us an example of the kind of “exploitation” the Grand Rapids’ 15-year-old is facing: “’Sometimes I get tired and feel sick,’” the girl tells the Times. The article continues, “Her stomach often hurt, and she was unsure if that was because of the lack of sleep, the stress from the incessant roar of the machines, or the worries she had for herself and her family in Guatemala.”  The girl, who is not extensively quoted (perhaps because of a language barrier), tells the reporter, “But I’m getting used to it.”

The symptoms described above could be familiar to many hard-working Americans.

With all the devastating things happening in the country and in our state, this example of alleged “child exploitation” is apparently what got Scholten fired up.

The article prompted her to call the White House, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Labor to form an “inter-agency tax force” so that children “do not fall through the cracks” – the duties of this task force have yet to be revealed. It culminated with the bill she is co-sponsoring with Mace to increase penalties for violating child labor practices in the Federal Labor Standards Act which was last updated, according to Scholten, in 1938.

Perhaps one reason the legislation has NOT been updated is because it has been unnecessary.  According to Scholten the fine of $15,138 per child is “effectively pennies for big corporations.”

This “exploitive” factory job could be a gift of stability to a 15-year-old girl, who likely made a dangerous trip across the border, to enter a foreign county with no parents or guardians in tow. The likelihood that she could have found a comparable job in a country riddled with violence and corruption is remote.  Might there be any concern about the unknown relative who is housing this 15-year-old girl?  Might there be any wonder that if it weren’t for this factory job, this girl might be trafficked into the sex or drug trade?

By increasing the fines, or creating more regulations, does Scholten think this will increase work for desperate illegal migrants or decrease it?

It is also worth mentioning, that lower-skilled individuals often find excellent employment working with small businesses. By increasing more penalties and regulations on youth employment, will small businesses want to take a risk by taking on an unskilled worker under the age of 18? Is this yet another hindrance for small businesses?

Let’s consider the reality. The Biden administration’s open border policies are encouraging children to come into the country without their parents. Many probably don’t speak English or have any job skills. If they are lucky, they will find jobs that will teach them skills for a lifetime, and probably more than what they would learn in an underperforming public school.

Scholten told voters she would cross the aisle when she was elected. So far, her record shows she is nothing more than a radical Democrat in lock-step with a radical agenda, who has voted against protecting survivors of abortion (H.R. 26), against churches and centers that help pregnant women (H.Con.Res.3), against prohibiting non-citizens to vote in the District of Columbia (H.J. Res. 24), against restoring tougher penalties on criminal thugs in the nation’s capital (H.J. Res. 26 ), against defunding 87,000 IRS auditors (H.R. 23), and against a Parent Bill of Rights allowing parents to say no to racist and sexualized teaching in the classroom (H.R. 5).

Most embarrassing to Scholten is that some House members in her own party voted in favor of these common-sense measures, and in one case, H.J. Res. 26, the bill was signed by President Biden! Congress has home rule over the governance of the District of Columbia, and this was a bill that restored mandatory sentences and meaningful penalties against rising violent crime in our nation’s capital.

Only three months on the job, Rep. Hillary Scholten has shown she is more in line with constituents in California or New York, than West Michigan, where people actually value honest work, as well as family, faith, and freedom.