Executive Director


The Executive Director of Kent GOP is the chief administrator of the organization and is charged with the management, marketing, and development of the organization to accomplish its mission. The Executive Director reports directly to the Chair of the Kent County Republican Committee and shall operate the organization in accordance with the policies, procedures, and philosophy formulated by the officers and executive committee. Inherent job responsibilities include: strategic planning, personnel and financial management, event planning, and outreach.



  • Strategic Planning, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Develop and supervise the annual strategic plan.
    2. Plan and supervise conventions throughout the year.
    3. Schedule the tentative upcoming election cycle by January 10.
    4. Be responsible, or delegate responsibility, for all special programs and events.
  • Personnel management, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Manage the duties of all staff.
    2. Conduct at least monthly staff meetings with written agendas and performance monitoring.
    3. Evaluate objectively staff performance on an ongoing basis.
    4. Maintain and update SOP and handbooks for employees and volunteers.
    5. Establish a professional rapport with staff, volunteers, donors, and drop-ins.
  • Financial management, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Administer the budget and all organizational-related financial matters.
    2. Work with vendors and seek Chair/Officer approval of all contracts related to Kent GOP operations.
    3. Approve payroll.
    4. Oversee and provide information regarding current costs and projected needs required for preparing the annual budget.
    5. Assist the Officers in preparing appropriate financial policies and procedures necessary to achieve the organization’s purpose.
    6. Ensure proper resources and approvals are obtained for all activities.
  • Relationship with the Officers & Executive Committee, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Carry out policies and directives.
    2. Provide written reports on organizational matters to the Officers, prior to scheduled meetings, including monthly line-item budget expenses reports.
    3. Represent and be the spokesperson for the Executive Committee to communicate policies and programs to the staff and volunteers.
    4. Meet with and provide at least bi-weekly updates to the Chair.
    5. Work with the Officers to attract and train qualified staff and volunteers.
  • Facilities, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Shall ensure the building is safe, secure, clean, and attractive.
  • Political Outreach, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Work with Kent GOP Candidate Committee for purposes of candidate outreach and recruitment.
    2. Oversee the precinct delegate recruitment efforts.
    3. Work in concert with the officers and executive committee to develop and execute an annual marketing plan that achieves budgetary goals.
    4. Build and maintain media/marketing database.
    5. Write news releases and bi-weekly online newsletters.
    6. Assist elected officials with newsletter writing and distribution.
    7. Increase social media presence.
    8. Ensure website is up-to-date.
  • Fundraising and Donor Relations, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Develop strategy and plan for fundraising events that sets annual goals.
      1. Oversee and approve all fundraising events.
      2. Maintain database of donations and contacts.
    2. Raise funds for candidates, elected officials, operating costs, and budget reserves.
    3. Recruit and train volunteers for events.
    4. Manage and develop relationships with current and potential donors.
    5. Identify new donors.
    6. Maintain an accurate and complete donor and prospective donor database.
    7. Track progress of pending and secured donations.
  • Other duties, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Perform all other duties requested by the Chair and officers that directly relate to the mission of the Kent GOP.


The Kent GOP Officers will conduct semi-annual performance reviews of the Executive Director.


  • Education, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Hold at least a bachelor’s degree in political science, public policy, business management, marketing, communications, or related field.
  • Experience, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Shall have at least three years of broad and successful grass-roots political experience in the Republican Party.
    2. Should have some form of administrative experience.
    3. Must have good management and communication skills.
  • Personal, the Executive Director shall:
    1. Set annual goals for self, identify priorities within these goals, and is able to implement them effectively.
    2. Exercise good judgment when making decisions.
    3. Use time efficiently, organize work systematically, and follow through on plans.



To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] by Wednesday, December 26 at 5pm.