Hillary Scholten SILENT on Educational Freedom for Kent County children

Aug 02, 2023

Last year, thousands of Kent County voters signed a petition in support of educational scholarship accounts for elementary students. Such a proposal would allow tax-deductible donations of individuals and businesses to scholarship funds to support educational freedom for Michigan children. In plain terms, it would allow lower and middle-income families financial freedom, through these private scholarship funds, to remove their children from public school indoctrination and enroll them in private schools or purchase home curricula. 

Now, House Republicans have introduced such a bill in Congress, which if enacted, would give hundreds of thousands of families more control over their children's education nearly overnight. Such a bill should have clear and broad support from both sides of the aisle, yet Hillary Scholten is completely silent. 

Why would Scholten, who benefitted from private education herself, not want to afford these options to the West Michigan families she serves? Is she more interested in loyalty to the union bosses funding her campaign than the children in her district?

Contact Congresswomen Scholten's office today and ask her to vote YES on educational freedom for West Michigan children, YES on HR 531.