GVSU Sex-Ed Week

Feb 08, 2023 11:14 PM


We learned today that Grand Valley University is currently hosting a series for students on such topics as masturbation, kink, sex supplies and devices, and a host of other unsavory events. On Wed evening, “Kinky Karaoke” was offered alongside “condom cupcakes.” Read the full list of events here. Kent County Health Department was listed as a “partner” until late Wednesday night, when their logo was conspicuously removed. The original link was archived by a member of our team and can be found here. With both the KCHD and GVSU receiving millions in taxpayer funding, concerned voters in Kent County may question WHY their dollars are funding lewd and destructive “strap-on” demonstrations and “kink” discussions instead of preparing young minds for future careers. Kent County parents undoubtedly have concerns about enrolling their children in such an environment. WE certainly have questions, and over the coming days we will be seeking answers. WHO arranged these seminars, WHO approved them, WHO funded them, HOW much taxpayer funding does Grand Valley State University receive and what was the extent of Kent County Health Department’s involvement? Stay tuned as we update with developments, and thank you to TheMidwesterner for first breaking the story.

Please SIGN this petition to let the Kent County Health Department and Grand Valley University that you DO NOT support taxpayer-funded institutions conducting and engaging in these destructive and depraved demonstrations.