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Thank you for your interest in Co-Sponsoring our 2023-2024 Inaugural Event. Co-sponsorships of $250+ will be gratefully accepted between now and January 12. The first (approx.) $2,000 co-sponsor funds received will directly support the venue, The Broadway Avenue (i.e. our rental contract with them). All donations above this amount will support the immediate operational needs of the Kent GOP, costs associated with meeting venues, upcoming convention expenses and more. Co-sponsors are invited to be part of a smaller roundtable gathering at 6:15PM

You can make your contribution on this secure page or if you prefer, you can send a check to:

Kent GOP
PO Box 2586
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-2586

Once you've successfully completed, you should receive an email confirming your donation. If you have any questions feel free to contact the office at 616-459-0141.



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